Frequently Asked Questions

How can I rent a bike?

Just use our online booking software here!
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Can I ride my bike on the beach?

Yes, all bikes except mountain bikes can be ridden on the beach. We ask that you minimize riding in the water as the salt water is very corrosive to the parts.

Do I need to lock my bike? How does the lock open?

Yes, bikes should be locked at all times that they are now being ridden. There is a $250 charge per bike for any bikes stolen. Three digit locks open by holding the lock body in your left hand and pulling the right hook only.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

South Carolina law does not require helmets to be worn. Helmets are available for rental for $5/week.

What is a tag-along? What is a WeeHoo?

Also known as Alleycats, tagalongs are a single wheel attachment to an adult bike that lets kids up to 75 pounds ride along. They do not have to pedal. We now have tagalongs made by Burley – they firmly attach to an adult bicycle rear rack and do not sway side to side.

We also rent WeeHoo’s. These are similar to tag-alongs in that they attach to an adult bicycle, but the child sits in a seat with backrest and safety harness. The child may pedal if they wish but will be more secure than a tagalong. For those children without bicycle experience, they may be a great alternative. WeeHoo’s fit children from 2 to 8 years old with an adjustable seat, maximum weight capacity 75 pounds. Here is a video clip of the WeeHoo.

What can I put in trailer?

The kid trailers fit two children with a combined weight of 100 pounds. Due to seat configuration and seat bely placement, infant car seats cannot be secured in the child trailer. Any damage from placing pets in the child trailer will be billed accordingly.

We also have gear trailers for rent that can be used to haul cooler, chairs, towels, etc to the beach. They also have a maximum load limit of 100 lbs.

Finally, we also have pull trailers for rent for walking to the beach and hauling chairs, coolers, etc. Pictures of all can be seen on the rental page.

Do you have tandem bikes or adult tricycles?

Yes, we rent both tandem bikes or 3 wheel adult bikes.

Do you have mountain bikes?

Yes, you can rent mountain bikes, however, they may not be ridden on the beach.

Where can I ride my bikes?

There are extensive bike paths on Hilton Head Island maintained by the town and volunteers. Maps are available by clicking here or from our links page. You can also ride on the hard-packed sand on the beach. The 12 miles of beach may actually be the quickest way to get around. Please refrain from riding in the salt water. You may ride in a plantation such as Sea Pines or Palmetto Dunes only if you are staying there or by paying for a gate pass.

Ride with the flow of traffic while on roads. If there is a bike path along a road, please use the bike path. Please watch for and signal pedestrians to your presence. Obey all traffic control devices such as stop signs. Cars have the right of way on all intersections and crosswalks.

How do I place an order for bikes?

For best results, order several days before you check-in using our handy on-line secure ordering form or call us at 843-686-6888. Please have your complex name and unit number or house address, check-in and check-out dates and credit card numbers handy.

How do bikes get delivered?

For three and seven day rentals, bike delivery is free to many parts of Hilton Head Island. In most cases, bikes will be in a bike rack near your accommodation by the time you check-in. the bikes will be locked and you will have the receipt placed under the doormat to your unit. On the receipt will be the bike numbers, the combinations to the locks and our phone number to report any issues. We will automatically pick up your bikes on your day of departure.

What if I have a breakdown or flat?

Call us at 843-686-6888 and will we dispatch a replacement. The phone number is also prominently displayed on all bikes and accessories.

We feature Jamis and 3G bikes.
112 Arrow Road
Hilton Head Island,
South Carolina

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